Tuesday, May 1, 2018


If you heard last night about "The Rohrabacher Letters"--or if you have been reading them all along--please note that the letter I post below will be the last. I woke up this morning, May 1st, with the decision to "accentuate the positive," as the old song says, and change my blogging habits. Having now found my candidate for the coming primaries, I will be posting instead in Rooting for Dr. Hans. Please join me there.


April 30, 2018

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher,
101 Main Street #380
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Dear Congressman,

Re: My last letter

I woke this morning with a momentous decision. This will be the last letter that I write to you. Well, let me not say the last. An occasion may yet arise when I feel the need to pass on an opinion or comment in some way on your actions in Congress or your political campaign. But I have decided to reorient my sense of civic responsibility. Instead of writing to you and posting on “The Rohrabacher Letters,” I will be posting on a new blog, “Rooting for Dr. Hans.”

I met Dr. Hans Keirstead at a meet-and-greet last night. After weeks of indecision I realized I had found my candidate. He is superbly educated, extraordinarily well-informed on a wide range of issues, and articulate in expressing positions that I share. He is also a man of obvious compassion. I intend to support him in every way I can in his effort to take your seat in Congress.

My decision is based only in part on the fact that you have responded to not a single one of letters—today’s is the 264th. I recognize that you are busy, and that we differ on virtually every issue. Still, I am a constituent, and it would have taken little time and effort on your part to acknowledge, or have your staff acknowledge my concerns. Where I come from (England) that would be called “good manners.”

So, no. My decision is based on my desire to shift into a positive mode in my sense of civic duty. In the coming election, particularly, I believe it important for Democrats to avoid the Trump- and Republican-bashing that offers such a huge temptation. I think we should allow you all to persist along your chosen path of self-destruction. There are so many critical challenges to which Democrats can formulate sound and practicable solutions that we would do well to offer those positive ideas to voters, to replace the failed policies of the past.

So this will be goodbye, for now. I was getting a bit bored, anyway, frankly. It will be a nice relief to release myself from what had become an obligation rather than a pleasure.


Peter Clothier, Ph.D.


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