Wednesday, May 10, 2017


10 May, 2017

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher,
101 Main Street #380
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Dear Congressman,

Re: James Comey. Off with his head!

You’ll recognize, I’m sure, the reference to the Queen of Hearts—the crazed monarch in Alice in Wonderland who is swift to mete out a death sentence on anyone who offends her. It’s a parody of the kind absolute power that your Tr*mp seems now to be assuming for himself. He sees himself as emperor of America, not it’s president*. His peremptory orders and actions, his “The Apprentice”-like dismissals, suggest a man-child intoxicated with some fantasy version of the power with which he has been entrusted, and lacking any sense of how it should be used.

It’s up to you now. It’s up to you and your Republican colleagues to finally acknowledge the huge mistake that was made in enabling this madman’s coronation; and, to be truthful, we all share in responsibility for that huge mistake, the entire country. The man we “elected” has shown himself from his first day in office to be unworthy of our trust; a liar, a conniver, a would-be despot, and quite possibly a traitor or at the least an enabler and beneficiary of treachery. I do not say this lightly. To deny it is to close one’s eyes to what is by this point plainly obvious. The man in the Oval Office is not fit to be there.

So it’s up to you and your colleagues in the House and Senate. You now control both houses, and Democrats have neither the ways nor the means to enforce the needed investigations and actions, absent your willingness to work together. This is no time for the kind of blind loyalty that has hamstrung government for years. It’s time to face irrefutable facts, acknowledge the truth, and save this country from the disaster that awaits unless you take appropriate and timely action.


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