Thursday, June 1, 2017


 1 June, 2017

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher,
101 Main Street #380
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Dear Congressman,

Re: The Imposter

The word came to me last night, as though in a dream—though quite possibly, yes, in a dream, because I woke up with it, clear as day, in the middle of the night: “the imposter.” A perfect word for Trump, the would-be tsar: Donald the Imposter.

The dictionary definition is “one who assumes false identity or title for the purpose of deception.” Yes! That’s Trump to a T! (Excuse the bad joke…) A con man to the core, he has seized the false identity of “President of the United States”—a title for which he is, as many have pointed out, uniquely unqualified.

And for what purpose? To deceive us all. While he acts the part of “President,” he’s up to his usual tricks behind the scenes, burnishing his own and his family brand and using his office and its influence to further enrich the Trump dynasty. What a lark!

He’s a bit of a ham, though, you’ll have to admit, with his frowns and scowls and the jut of his jaw, in the attempt to look serious and presidential. He has great words, too, he tells us; so many great words. If they sound like hot air coming from his mouth, it may be because they are just that: hot air. We should all of us take them less seriously. The pundits simplymake themselves look foolish, trying to parse those words into something approaching intentional and meaningful.

Sorry, Congressman. I realize that my own words come across as less than respectful to the Office of the President. But I truly believe we have an imposter in the Oval Office. Will you be the one to point out that this emperor has no clothes?

Not so respectfully, today,

Peter Clothier, Ph.D.

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